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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Guess which story was the lead?

Advocacy Groups Ignore Breast Cancer Hot Spots

Throughout the last few months, rumors have been whipping through the breast-augmentation world that the Food and Drug Administration is on the verge of returning silicone implants to the open market after a 14-year partial ban on the gel-filled bosom enhancers. The ban, which came down in 1992, had never fully eradicated silicone -- women who had endured mastectomies or had a breast "deformity" or agreed to participate in a study could still opt for the gel -- but the average Pamela Anderson groupie, the cosmetic breast enhancer, was out of luck. She had to make do with saline.

Is the Silicone Boob Job Bouncing Back?

Cape Cod, with a breast cancer rate 20 percent higher than the rest of Massachusetts, is just one of a several places around the United States with the dubious distinction of being a "hot spot" on our nation's increasingly lit-up breast cancer map. It's joined by Long Island, Marin County and San Francisco -- places where a controversy has brewed for years -- and newly emerging areas such as the Puget Sound in Washington state and Brownsville, Texas.

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