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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wolf Blitzer has an Al Quida secret decoder ring!

'The Jew York Times is just as bad, the hotel owner said.'CNN is pro-terrorist

Hotel yanks CNN; says network is pro-terrorist
ROTHSCHILD — Guests at one local hotel who switch on the TV in search of the latest news no longer have CNN as an option.

The Stoney Creek Inn, 1100 Imperial Ave., in Rothschild has dropped the 24-hour news channels CNN and CNN Headline News from its basic cable offerings.

Tony Magro, 76, of Barrington, Ill., stayed at the inn Monday night and said he was told by a receptionist that the hotel chain’s corporate office had issued a letter calling for the removal of the channels because CNN aids terrorists.

“I’m not an activist, and I really don’t have any interest, but that struck me as over the top,” Magro said. “I’m rather zealous about my rights as an American citizen, particularly when I’m paying for the service.”

Magro, who was driving to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the funeral of a friend when he had car trouble Monday in the Wausau area, said he had tried tuning in to CNN to find the latest news on today’s mid-term elections.

The channel was nowhere to be found, and he received an updated channel listing from the front desk today. The updated listing includes news channels MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2.

James Thompson, owner and chief executive officer of Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp., made the decision to remove the channels, according to the inn’s corporate office in Des Moines, Iowa. Thompson is out of the office today and was not immediately available for comment.

Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp. manages 10 hotels in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. The 107-room inn near the Cedar Creek Mall opened in 1997. Wausau Daily Herald

Wausau Daily Herald: Hotel yanks CNN; says network is pro-terrorist


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