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Monday, September 18, 2006

Rob Corddry moseys over to the dark side

Rob Corddry - Fox News

In a desperate bid to improve their rank among fake news viewers, FOX News has stolen of Rob Corddry of the "Daily Show."

"As most fans of the show know by now, this is Rob Corddry's last week; he's leaving so he can concentrate on his new Fox sitcom The Winner, among other projects. He's the last of the three "Big Cs" -- Corddry, Carell, Colbert -- that helped bring the show into its own in the early part of the decade, perfecting their particular reporter roles to the point where the humor came as much out of their characters as from making fun of the news or profile subject. Colbert was the poorly-informed smug guy; Carell was pathetic, and Corddry was the Masshole. High comedy all around. And now, he's taking off, just like the other two Cs before him." tvsquad After Corddry leaves The Daily Show, who's left? 'Daily Show' to stay a week

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