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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Romance languages lead to premature sexual relations and abortions

Mommy, why is Greg taking so long in the bathroom?"Ms. McGee, 51, a popular art teacher with 28 years in the classroom, is out of a job after leading her fifth-grade classes last April through the Dallas Museum of Art. One of her students saw nude art in the museum, and after the child’s parent complained, the teacher was suspended."

"Although the tour had been approved by the principal, and the 89 students were accompanied by 4 other teachers, at least 12 parents and a museum docent, Ms. McGee said, she was called to the principal the next day and 'bashed.'"

"She later received a memorandum in which the principal, Nancy Lawson, wrote: 'During a study trip that you planned for fifth graders, students were exposed to nude statues and other nude art representations.' It cited additional complaints, which Ms. McGee has challenged."

"The school board suspended her with pay on Sept. 22." [...] via

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