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Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Help us Obi Wan Pelosi! You're our only hope!"

Hammer time!In the January, 1984 advertisment for the Apple Macintosh computer, an unnamed heroine throws a sledgehammer at a television broadcast image of Big Brother. The effect that the commercial had was significant at the time. It was played on the news for days.

The imagery of the hammer has been used rhetorically in recent history to decribe former congressman Tom DeLay as a tough-nosed, unyielding leader. I think Nancy Pelosi is going to redefine the word and hammer through the evil empire that the Republican party has become. Viva La Pelosi!

Can't touch this!

Well, we can at least hope. The recent bashing she and other democrats are getting in the media is disheartening. The Republicans hardly have to swift boat John Kerry or any other candidate any more, CNN and MSNBC gladly fill in all of the media-whore falsehoods. Let's steal their lunch money!



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