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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daily Show: "Annual GOP BBQ and Nude Cub Scout Wrestle"

Daily Show: Annual GOP BBQ and Nude Cub Scout Wrestle

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team really went to town on the scandal-ridden GOP tonight. From the cancellation of the "Annual GOP Barebeque and Nude Cub Scout Wrestle" to the passing of the Foley buck among the House Leadersip, Jon puts a hysterical spin on a truly disastrous scandal that's getting worse by the minute.

Reynolds: I did what most people would do in a work place. I heard something, I took it to my supervisor.

Stewart: "I took it to my supervisor?" Tom Reynolds...Congressman? or Assistant Manager at Applebees?

Jon also catches Hastert in the bald-faced lie of saying he openly took questions after his press conference, Hannitys fudging of Monica Lewinskys age and O'Reilly's "mistaken" on-screen graphic.


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