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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Damn Hippies!

Damn Hippies!

Hippies still trying to ruin the country
Editorial from the Lexington Herald-Leader

America won't win another war until the 1960s flower children are pushing up petunias. Radicalized, the flower children morphed into lefty loonies who now masquerade as social progressives. No matter what they rename themselves, however, their agenda hasn't changed.
Oh, the unfairness of irony.
Must we surrender our country to our enemies because our weapons are too terrible to use?
(Can't we do both?)
Which is more sacred: a mosque hiding a weapons cache or a plane of tourists?
(What if the plane was full of hippies?)
Abstract institutions neither bleed nor shoot back. Demonstrations, marches and sign-carrying don't accomplish much these days, but they are a lot more fun and allow the fiction of activist moral superiority to persist.
(Thus moral superiority belongs to institutions that are not abstract and can either bleed or shoot back, or both. WTF?)
Their BAWL (Buddha-Allah-Wicca-Lenin) is better than some old Judeo-Christian God.
(She left out Cthulu.)
After all, lefty loonies want their social justice and their pensions, too.
(And she doesn't want social justice OR pensions?) Hippies still trying to ruin the country via Crooks and Liars


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At Wed Nov 22, 06:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hysterical. As a Wiccan, I feel I'm in such good company.


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