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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Irony of the Week

Irony of the Week!

On the same day that FOX News ran numerous spots on TV and the internet advertising Greg Gutfeld Blog saying "Liberal Blogs & Al Queda: Both sending the same message?," White power powder terrorist Republican freedom fighter Chad Castagana was arrested for sending fake anthrax letters to celebrities, journalists, and politicians. Among his victims were Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, Nancy Pelosi, and Sumner Redstone.

There you have it, the Irony of the Week!

Greg Gutfeld calls Chad Castagana a liberal!

Chad "Katherine Harris makes me happy in my pants" Castagana Alleged anthrax hoaxer may be Free Republic poster The wit and wisdom of Chad Castagana
Sadly, No!: Wingnut Arrested In Fake Anthrax Terror Scheme White powder terrorist of Jon Stewart, Letterman, Pelosi...
Crooks and Liars: FOX News starts its smears of Liberal Blogs Liberal blog claims "fake anthrax" mailer is a Freeper FBI: L.A. Man Mailed Threatening Letters
Castagana: "Katherine Harris of Florida is one very attractive politician" Posted by Jeff Costigan What motivated man accused of sending threats? Even More on Pelosi's Powder Stalker Pelosi Powder Stalker's Horny Netroots Anthrax — Still No Answers: Five Years After

Greg "Check out his blog, he's totally got a boner for Arianna" Gutfeld Liberal Blogs & Al Queda: Both sending the same message?
Wikipedia: Greg Gutfeld Greg Gutfeld Blog
Greg Gutfeld: Al-Zarqawi's Mom's Blog


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