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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Humble pie, Insurgent stuffing and rebellious cranberry sauce


The Conservative Crusade Against Cartoon Characters: If you're visiting with family over Thanksgiving, and you see children being entertained by a popular animated movie, be sure to remember that, in all likelihood, conservatives believe the cartoons are part of some nefarious liberal plot. Crooks and Liars

"It's not clear how long presidents have been pulling this morbid presidential ploy; the Bush White House's Web site appears to have been scrubbed of previous years' Thanksgiving menus. But it's probably safe to assume that it predates the Bush 43 years. I wouldn't be surprised if the two-faced tradition has been a dark shadow lurking behind presidential turkey pardonings since Harry Truman began the practice nearly 60 years ago."

"If this is how they treat the turkeys when the country's distracted, one can only imagine what they're doing to the vegetables." TPMmuckraker

MaxSpeak Summary: "the Puritan Christian fundamentalists, of whom the Pilgrims were a subgroup, were murderous, treacherous swine who made a treaty with the indigenous people around Plymouth until they had enough forces to wipe them out. This they later did with smallpox and guns, unless they were able to sell them into slavery, all of course for the greater glory of Jesus Christ."

"Wait a minute. That wasn't quite right. Let's try it again. Here's how it goes...." MaxSpeak, You Listen!

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