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Monday, November 20, 2006

Obviousman - The Movie


Obviousman: A superhero who can't stand the overly obvious or hypocritical. His symbol is the word "Duh" with a slash through it (No Duh!). Usually appears only on Sundays. He has appeared being interviewed by Joe on his radio show. Obviousman's secret identity is Mark Cohen, a California realtor and amateur magician, who has taken on a mission in life of freeing the people from the curse of mindless obedience to the dictates of the mass media, and to at least slow, if not reverse, the dumbing down of America. His arch-nemesis is Professor Obfuscate. Wikipedia

Great little movie here:

The creators of Non-Sequitur now bring you Obviousman - The Movie. See Obviousman tackle the tricky issue of freedom of the press and explain why asking questions is the patriotic thing to do. Obviousman - The Movie


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