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Friday, June 29, 2007

To the light, bloggers, to the light! And curse the pain.

Zaius Nation - Carnival of the Liberals!

As I have already mentioned, I shall be hosting the July 4th edition of the Carnival of the Liberals! It is a great honor that I probably don't deserve - but I have them fooled thus far, so I just might get away with it! Submit your post here! Time is running out!

Those unfamiliar with this online periodical can visit their website here. The submission policy is here.

The topic will be something along the lines of "defining patriotism," or something like that. That topic would be appropriate I would imagine, considering the date of the event.

Perhaps we could explain to the world that patriotism does not mean to blindly follow irrational leaders and ridiculous policies, but to follow your heart about what you know is best for the country as a whole. Patriotism does not mean hanging a magnetic American flag on your refrigerator, nor does it have anything to do with hating your fellow man.

Of course, this topic is broad enought that you could conceivably write about why you love cooking, comic books or blogging, and then relate it to patriotism.

To the light, bloggers, to the light! And curse the pain.

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