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Friday, June 29, 2007

Yet Another Reason Why You Should Want Nancy Pelosi to be President!

Nancy Pelosi!

Nancy Pelosi should be president of the United States for a lot of different reasons, not just because the man holding that office right now is man that you hate. Nancy Pelosi Should be president because she speaks from your heart, and the heart of the American people. She agrees with what you want for the country, and she understands what the country needs to rise above the dire situations that we face today.

There is also another reason that Nancy Pelosi should be president, which I will explain below. I know what you are thinking - that she should be president because she has an invisible plane, a lasso of truth and can bench press slightly more than Superman. No, I am not talking about those reasons either. First take a gander at the following quotes from Nancy Pelosi. Count how many things that you agree with.

Nancy Pelosi's "San Francisco Values"

On Being a Liberal: "I pride myself on being called a liberal."

On the War in Iraq: "We cannot continue down this catastrophic path. And so we say to the president, 'Mr. President, we need a new direction in Iraq. Let us work together to find a solution to the war in Iraq.'" (11/7/06)

On Her Style: "If people are ripping your face off, you have to rip their face off" (Pelosi's approach to handling attacks from Republicans)…. "Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me."

On Tax Cuts: "[Republicans will] take food out of the mouths of children in order to give tax cuts to the wealthiest." (NBC Meet The Press, 5/7/06)

More on Tax Cuts: "The President seems to think the best way to revive the economy is to give more tax breaks to those who don't need them and dole out lucrative incentives that do not stimulate economic growth." (1/30/02)

Abortion: "Roe vs. Wade is based on a woman's fundamental right to privacy, a value that all Americans cherish."

Supreme Court/Alito: "Confirming Judge Alito will not only put our liberties and civil rights in jeopardy, but also the checks and balances in our constitutional system of government."

On Contrast with Republicans: "We cannot allow Republicans to pretend they share our values and then legislate against those values without consequence."

Global Warming: "When the Kyoto Protocol enters into the force tomorrow, the world will take a significant and long-awaited first step towards stemming global warming. Instead of stepping forward as the world leader on climate change, however, the Bush Administration is clinging to the role of world obstructionist."

On Gas Price Conspiracy: "We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3-a-gallon gasoline. It is no accident. It is a cause and effect." (4/26/06)

On the Impeachment of Bush: "I said we'd have hearings on the war. We'd have hearings on the war."... "You never know where the facts take you, but the—for any President." (NBC Meet The Press, 5/7/06)

On Bringing Troops Home: "I'm endorsing what Mr. Murtha is saying...I believe that a majority of our caucus clearly supports Mr. Murtha…and let's be clear about what it is Mr. Murtha said, 'Yes, let's bring the troops home." (Press Conference, 11/30/05)

Now notice that all of these quotes are statements that you can agree with. This is the fun part - All of these quotes are from, a right-wing website. They are all quotes meant to stir up the Republican base against Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in general. The Republicans HATE Nancy Pelosi.

Now think about it - If Nancy Pelosi became president, the Republicans would go out of their frikkin' minds! They would be so upset that they would have to move to France, just so that they can be ruled by a conservative government! Think about it! A mass Republican exodus to France, all because of Nancy Pelosi! Freedom Fry that, Bill O'Reilly.

That's yet another great reason why you should want Nancy Pelosi to be president!

President Pelosi

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At Fri Jun 29, 08:38:00 AM, Blogger angry ballerina said...

You mean it NOT her rock hard abs? No shit.

At Fri Jun 29, 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Jess Wundrun said...

On top of everything else, she has rock hard abs?

My God! was the woman created in a lab?

At Sat Jun 30, 02:01:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Angry Ballerina: rock hard abs are but one of the many wonderful attributes of Princess Pelosi of the Amazon warrior tribe.

Jess Wundrun: Created in a lab? No! She is just a perfectly ordinary citizen just like everybody else! Except that she has vast super powers beyond the understanding of mortal men, That's all.


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