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Friday, August 18, 2006

Lieberman, Party of One

Apparently, according to Rabbi Marc Gellman, Joe Lieberman is Jewish! Who knew? (Does that mean he killed the Easter Bunny?) Whereas Rabbi Marc Gellman states that Joe Lieberman was crucifed by his own people in the recent Democratic primary in Connecticut, Rush Limbaugh had a different theory, that Joe was defeated by Anti-Semitism. (One can only wonder how Mel Gibson would weigh in on this conversation.) Rush Limbaugh says that Jews are just "schmaltzy ethnic guy[s]," you know, the "huge hook nose and so forth." But not all Jews are bad, according to Limbaugh. He states that some Jews are good, namely the Republican Jews. (You know, the "Neocons.")

Limbaugh: 'One of the factors in his defeat was the fact that he’s just Jewish.'

(Via atrios.)

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