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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Does George Soros have a Secret Robot Army?

FOX News: 'Does George Soros have a Secret Robot Army?'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Faced with fending off the backlash from the Mark Foley scandal, House Republicans took the offensive Friday, asking Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats to testify about whether they engaged in partisan trickery by releasing Foley's messages weeks before the midterm elections.

Top GOP leaders -- including House Speaker Dennis Hastert, of Illinois, and Majority Leader John Boehner, of Ohio -- have accused the Democrats of knowing about Foley's correspondences with teen pages, and waiting to release them until it was politically advantageous. CNN

Secret Robot Army Latrine GOP prods Democrats over Foley scandal When In Doubt, Blame Soros Hannity Tries To Make Foley Scandal About Clinton Cavuto Doesn't Play Along With O'Reilly BS on Soros Hannity Blames Soros and CREW for Foley Scandal Department of Homeland Profanity
AMERICAblog: AMERICAblog needs to watch a different channel

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