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Saturday, January 27, 2007

SoTU-a-Go-Go (and other recent political videos)

The Dynamic Duo

Perhaps the most noteworthy event lately was the President Bush's State of the Union address. Media Matters for America culled the most noteworthy statements and moments in this video piece, SoTU Superlatives.

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia gave the Democratic Response to President Bush's State of the Union address. This is also available at Crooks and Liars.

The most reasonable response to the SoTU 2007 came from the The Daily Show.

In a bid to take over the duties of White House mistress from the now defunct Katherine "Everyone Loves a Trainwreck" Harris, Michele Bachmann shows that she really, REALLY wants to get to know the president a whole lot better.

Sleepy Senator John McCain was up way past his bedtime at the SoTU. (get this man a blankie.)

James Adomian did an impression of this year's State of the Union address.

in an animated version of the SoTU, there was the "Supernews State of the Union."

It is good to look back on last year's SoTU for reference. Keith Olbermann gave a a look back at Bush's SoTU credibility. Also, this compilation of the 2006 State of the Union captured the president's message well.

Stephen Colbert vs. Bill O'Reilly

Also in the Snooze
Ted Kennedy lashes out against the GOP's opposition to increasing the minimum wage.

Jack Cafferty points out that John McCain was for the VP before he was again' him.

Chuck Hagel seems to be making so much sense lately, you might think he was a Democrat.

FOX News falsely "accused" Barack Obama of being raised as a Muslim. After the story was debunked by CNN, Fox Amended their story, but not before they falsely accused Hilary Clinton of being the source of the story. Based on this series of falsly reported non-events, on January 22nd Keith Olbermann renamed the FOX News Channel, because you can't possibly call what comes out of that place news. It is now officially the "The Fox Nothing Channel." The FOX News Channel The Fox Nothing Channel was also named that day's Worst Person in the World by Olbermann.

Darth Cheney had a hissy fit during his interview with Wolf Blitzer over criticism of Iraq, and his daughter Mary's Pregnancy. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had a few choice words about the VP interview as well. Jon Stewart threw down the gauntlet. "Meet me at camera three," Stewart said sternly.

In a segement called "Strangers with Condi," Jon Stewart acknowledges Barbara Boxer's comments about the fact that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has no stake in the Iraq war because she has a "barren fruitless womb." Realizing that he can stop the war by romancing Condi, Stewart says, "I'm about redeploy my troops and you're in for one hell of a...SURGE."

Rush Limbaugh calls Senator Barack Obama a "Halfrican-American." Keith Olbermann says, "Come out from under your hood and just say it!"

On the January 24 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, we find that no one likes Vice President Al Gore's haircut.

Fox News political analyst Dick Morris promises to leave the country if a ticket of Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama ticket wins the presidential nomination. (Maybe we can get him to move to France.)

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