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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Video Link Dump


The really cool beginning credits to two really awful cartoons, The Jackson 5 and the The Osmonds. As kids we used to watch the introductions to these cartoons, and then switch over to the other cartoons after the intro music ended. I am sure that we totally screwed up the Nielsen Ratings. Also for your edification, an additional spoof of the bubblegum pop band’s Saturday morning cartoons genre (Ack! Too many adjectives!) featuring Black Sabbath

Video: Music videos that are embarrassing to watch: The Brady Bunch - "Good Time Music", Saved by the Bell - "Break a Sweat", and Full House - "Michelle, Jesse & The Rippers" via busy, busy, busy

Some of the greatest fight scenes are from martial arts films presented by Maxim with all of the hokey dialog and plot development removed. Included are Kung Fu Hustle, Fist of Legend, Enter the Dragon and my favorite of the collection, Jackie Chan in Drunken Master.

Video: A favorite Japanese superhero, soon to capture the hearts of Americans everywhere: Pepsiman! He's actually kind a super thirst-quenching klutz. Pepsiman Japanese commercial, via No Smoking in the Skull Cave

Parking hubby the Canadian way: Husband Day Care. Damn you, socialized medicine!

I had never even watched the television show "Scrubs" until it came on Comedy Central. Here with a homophobia-generating musical interlude, TV's Scrubs answers all of the musical questions about Guy Love via Like Kryptonite To Stupid

This entry is from back in the days when advertising made sense: the Devo Honda Commercial.

Triumph the Insult Dog takes on the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Nerd Bashing. (I actually hate that mutt.)

Julian Morrow sets out to prove that Americans know little about the world around them, and is proven wrong. Americans actually know far less than that. Chasers War On Everything. More here and here. Via Bacon Eating Atheist Jew.

Flash Animation: The definitive musical adaptation of the present American foreign policy in Iraq, Brought to you by the Huffington Post. Iraq: The Musical!

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At Thu Mar 22, 09:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out a hilarious youtube video of Satan as Paula Abdul possessing an unsuspecting contestant "Why Me?" all set to Black Sabbath music. Check out the site:


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