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Monday, January 15, 2007

YouTubing Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

Who didn't have a crush on Yvonne Craig as Batgirl?

Who didn't have a crush on Yvonne Craig as Batgirl? Batgirl was always at her best when both she and her outfit were straining to break free from the foul trap set by this week's super villian. Will she ever break free from her bonds? Only time will tell about this dazzling dare-doll!

Batgirl looks very pretty when she's asleep.Robin: You know something, Batman?
Batman: What's that, Robin?
Robin: Batgirl looks very pretty when she's asleep.
Batman: I thought you might eventually notice that. That single statement indicates to me the first oncoming thrust of manhood, old chum.


Batgirl looks very pretty when she's asleep.
Robin: [about Catwoman] Do you think she'll kill Batgirl?
Batman: Or worse, Robin. Or worse.

What took you so long, Batgirl?Batman: What took you so long, Batgirl?
Batgirl: Rush hour traffic, plus all the lights were against me. And you wouldn't want me to speed, would you?
Robin: Your good driving habits almost cost us our lives!
Batman: Rules are rules, Robin. But you do have a point.
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Batgirl, Batgirl!
Batgirl, Batgirl!
Where do you come from? Where do you go?
What is your scene? Baby, we just gotta know!
Batgirl, Batgirl!
Batgirl, Batgirl!
Are you a chick who fell in from outer space,
Or are you real with a tender warm embrace?
Yeah, whose baby are you?
Batgirl, Batgirl!
Batgirl, Batgirl!
Yeah, whose baby are you?
~ The Batgirl theme song

Batgirl looks very pretty when she's asleep.Robin: [about Batgirl] She's gone again! For once, Batman, let's follow her.
Batman: No, Robin. With my head sticking out of this neosaurus costume, I might not appear like an ordinary, run of the mill crimefighter.

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At Wed Jan 17, 07:14:00 AM, Blogger Becca said...

Ah Batgirl! Yvonne Craig was so beautiful. You know she used to be a dancer, ballet if I remember correctly who got into TV to support her dancing.

She was so excited when she got her first acting pay check, figuring the work would be steady talked about setting up scholarships for dancers. Of course once she discovered how irregular the work was and how expensive it was to live in California she had second thoughts. Understandibly so. Still gotta love that metallic purple costume.

At Thu Jan 18, 09:21:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

I saw some pictures of Yvonne as a ballet dancer on one of the sites, but I did not see a lot of information about her pre-Batgirl career. I love your story about her early naiveté as an actress! That is a great story.

I have a vague memory of the first time that I fell in love with Yvonne Craig. It was in the Batman episode "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" with the amazing Surfing Experience and Ability Transformer and Vigor Reverser!

It think that I was under ten years old at the time, but even at that young age Barbera Gordon in a black one piece swim suit made me want to loosen my utility belt and whip out my Portable Ultraviolet Bat-ray! Cowabunga!

At Thu Jan 18, 09:57:00 PM, Blogger Becca said...

Cowabunga indeed!


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