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Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Morning, Starshine - The Earth Says Hello!

Good Morning, Starshine
I Got Life
Manchester England
I'm Black / Ain't Got No
Age of Aquarius
Easy to be Hard
White Boys / Black Boys
Colored Spade
Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine in)
wikipedia: Hair [ musical | film ]

"Good Morning, Starshine - The Earth Says Hello!"

It's time to take a step back to a time when lyrics actually meant something, songs were statements of authority about social ills and interpersonal communications. Music had depth, range and emotional content. For those in doubt, the lyrics to the song actually go "Gliddy glub gloopy, Nibby nabby noopy, La la la lo lo, Sabba sibby sabba, Nooby abba nabba, Le le lo lo, Tooby ooby walla, Nooby abba naba, Early morning singing song..." [ Lyrics ]

I'm convinced that what this country needs is another sociological goosing like we got from the musical "Hair" back in the sixties. It will be far easier on the country's digestive system if that goosing could be delivered via dancing hippies performing educational musical numbers with a strong liberal agenda. Let's face it, only hippies can save us from the ravages of Paris Hilton and the horrors of George Bush!

The song Good Morning, Starshine is one of those truly great songs with a happy tune and a positive message. I found versions of "Good Morning, Starshine" by Sesame Street, The Simpsons, Oliver, Danielle White, Tristan and Micah and Karlskoga kulturskola, Sweden. These two versions from Serena Ryder [ 2 ] have terrible audio.

The two songs "White Boys / Black Boys" are perhaps even more topical today the they were at the time of the films release. The interracial-sex overtones are not shocking at all now as they were then, but the homosexual subtext of the army recruiting officers takes on a whole new meaning in today's political climate.

I think my favorite song from "Hair" was the heart-wrenching "Easy to be Hard." [ Lyrics ] That was the scene when Hud's ex-fiancee shows up with his son, Lafayette, Jr. and asks him to come home. The power and emotional conflict of that scene in the film were a harsh dose of reality, the song itself was a stark contrast to the music in the rest of the film.

Very few songs have the same emotional kick as "Easy to be Hard." People alway say that "they don't make 'em like they used to," and in this case it's true. When was the last time you heard a song with the same degree of pathos? I found a couple other versions of the song by Jennifer Warnes on the Smother Brother's Show, and Cheryl Barnes.

I also found Hair by the the Simpsons, and The Age of Aquarius from the "40 year old virgin".

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At Mon Jun 11, 08:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to some corporate media sponsored pundits, bloggers are the equivalent of hippies in today's computerized world.

In honor of that, I say, please pass the bong.

At Mon Jun 11, 09:30:00 AM, Blogger Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock'll take a hit.

Btw, Evil Spock will deliver you from evil, with, um, Evil Spock's brand of Evil.

Hippies be damned. Though Evil Spock really enjoys Leonard Nimoy singing in the chorus of "Good Morning Starshine" on that Simpsons episode.

At Mon Jun 11, 10:19:00 AM, Blogger angry ballerina said...

isn't John Travolta going to be in the new flick?

At Mon Jun 11, 02:13:00 PM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

DCup: That would mean Matt Drudge and Michelle Malikin are hippies! Somehow, I can't picture it, even in photoshop terms.

Evil Spock: You hate hippies and you drink double soy lattes? You are more disturbed than I thought. I think you are making a mistake in overlooking the rather large hippie voting bloc for your 2012 presidential bid. Just wear a tie-die tee shirt to a few events. You already have the day-glo fushsia Nehru jacket that you wear to baseball games.

Angry Ballerina: They are going to remake "Hair"? John Travolta should be just about the right age to play the grandfather of the character of Sheila Franklin, Claude Bukowski's love interest in the film. I wonder if the Scientologists will let him be in a hippie flick?

At Mon Jun 11, 02:34:00 PM, Blogger Becca said...

Treat Williams rocks in the movie! I love his long lucious hair.

At Mon Jun 11, 09:40:00 PM, Anonymous Dee Loralei said...

Treat Williams was so delicious as Berger (sigh) Movie came out my senior year in HS, am only a wee bit embarrassed to admit my best friend and I saw it over 25x in the theatre. Funny story,there's a song not in the movie, but on the soundtrack "Sodomy" and one hot summer night after leaving the theatre, we had the top down on my MGB,and were stopped at a light and I do an acapella version of that song. Singing as loudly as I can, and dammit I hit every effing note! ( Most days, I'm tone deaf) My friend, who has an amzing voice was woohooing etc, I look to our right, and their are two cops on patrol just cracking up! I still blush at that memory! My 16 yr old son thinks it's pretty cool, I was a hippy back then LOL and needless to say, he steals my vinyls from me! I goota tell ya though Zaius, your web site makes me smile, and I thank you for that :-)

At Tue Jun 12, 08:13:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Becca: I think that "Hair" was probably the best role Treat Williams' ever had. He conveyed real presence as the character.

Dee Loralei: That's a very funny story! I am willing to bet you that the cops still remember that story as well. "Hey, Bill, remember that night..." If your 16 year old son is stealing your vinyls, it only show that he has good taste, and that there is still hope in the world. One thing though, don't say, "I was hippy back then." Once a hippy, always a hippy! Thank you for your kind remarks.

At Tue Jun 12, 04:29:00 PM, Blogger Liberality said...

Dr Zaius,
You have good taste to feature this soundtrack! Now I gotta go get mine out and listen to it again.

At Wed Jun 13, 12:00:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

It's a really great musical.

At Wed Jun 13, 02:50:00 AM, Anonymous dww koeakei said...

Zaius, they heard..." Sodomy, felatio, cunnilingus, pederasty... Father why do these words sound so nasty?.... Masturbation, can be fun, join the holy orgy, Kama Sutra, everyone...."

Ok, I need sleep, night kids........

At Wed Jun 13, 12:42:00 PM, Blogger Karen said...

I, too, remember all the words to "Sodomy." I learned a lot of new words from that song! I didn't realize it wasn't in the movie. I'm happy to admit, my high school friends and I watched Hair on the VCR many many times after school. That, and Animal House.

Thanks for the memories; made smile too. I'm putting the soundtrack on my i-Pod for my next walk.

At Wed Jun 13, 01:58:00 PM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

dww koeakei: Yes, I know the song! It is hilarious that you sang all of that in earshot of two cops! You must have been mortified. They were probably a little embarassed too. ;o)

Karen: I think that's great! I have had my fill of "hip" and "sophisticated" music. Let's change the world with Flower Power!


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