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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

High-tech paparazzi tool has been developed by Homeland Security

'Does this make me look fat?'New Airport X-Ray Machines May See Too Much
It used to be a joke: could Superman's X-ray vision see through Lois Lane's clothes?

Now, for the first time, millions of air travelers may be asking themselves a similar question as they pass through airport security: new enhanced machines, though much more adept at finding hidden weapons, may also be revealing much more. Consumer Affairs

X-rated X-ray intrudes
A NEW full-body X-ray machine to be tested this month at a US airport has raised concerns about privacy issues as some rights advocates say the technology amounts to a virtual strip search.

XXX-rated X-rays have security screeners excited
New X-ray machine to debut at Sky Harbor International Airport this hoiday season. The security screening system takes pictures of passenger's entire bodies. Images are incredibly graphic in detail and can reveal both explosives and gentiles alike.

The X-ray machine, called backscatter was developed 7 years ago but has not been utilized much in the States for security because of privacy issues. The X-ray machine should be installed and be operational to start scanning people just in time for the War on Christmas.


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