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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The League of Extraordinary Rich White Gentlemen honor Vlad in super-secret ceremony


PHILADELPHIA -- About three dozen people rallied outside Philadelphia's venerable Union League to protest the organization's decision to honor departing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Officials at the selective private club presented its Gold Medal to Rumsfeld at a black-tie affair on Friday night, but would not discuss the reason behind the award. Washington Post

Union Leagues or Loyal Leagues are organizations that had a proud history during the civil war promoting loyalty to the policies of Abraham Lincoln, but they now seem to be clubs for rich white men who fawn over the vampires that put our military men and women into harms way with such blatent disregard for their lives.

"Membership in the League is selective, and is comparable in social status to membership in a country club albeit with a generally urban location and minus the golf. Union League buildings often serve as venues for lavish social events." Wikipedia

I would say that this Union League at least is out of touch with the American public on this point. It would seem that keeping their "tax cuts for the rich" are more important to them than the lives of our soldiers. It is hard to fathom their motives for honoring a man who has so clearly lied to the public and is responsible for so many deaths.


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