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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Irony of the Week

Irony of the Week!

The Irony of the Week is brought to us by AMERICAblog. It was a tough choice between this story and the story about Donald Rumsfeld winning a good citizenship award from the League of Extraordinary Rich White Gentlemen, but I think that the subtle incongruity that this story affords is this week's winner:

How to energize your base in 10 authoritarian stepsNotorious internment camps where Japanese-Americans were kept behind barbed wire during World War II will be preserved as stark reminders of how the United States turned on some of its citizens in a time of fear. ( ! )

As one of its last acts, the Republican-led Congress on Tuesday sent President Bush legislation establishing a $38 million program of National Park Service grants to restore and pay for research at 10 camps where the government sent people of Japanese descent after the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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