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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I guess the foot's on the other hand now, isn't it Mr. President?

President George Bush
The public agrees with Speaker Nancy Pelosi! 54 percent of Americans disapprove of President Bush's decision to veto the Iraq funding bill that called for U.S. troops to leave Iraq by 2008, according to a new CNN poll. Also, "57 percent of Americans said they want Congress to send another spending bill with a timetable for withdrawal back to the White House." Via Think Progress.

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At Wed May 09, 08:54:00 AM, Anonymous Tengrain said...

Damn you and your photoshopping abilities, and your stash of comic book ephemera, Dr. Z! I cannot compete!

Brilliant work, just amazing!



At Wed May 09, 10:12:00 PM, Blogger Becca said...

How do you do it everytime! You have just captured the spirit of the Bush presidency with your photoshopping craft!

At least I have something to keep my spirits up in this age when the Bush idiots are running our country into the ground.

At Thu May 10, 01:37:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

You are both very kind. High praise indeed coming from two such talented individuals!

At Thu May 10, 09:49:00 AM, Blogger angry ballerina said...

Wow, you almost make Bushie look adorable. In a 'I wanna slap the shit outta you' kinda way

At Thu May 10, 12:07:00 PM, Blogger Omnipotent Poobah said...

"Numbers is numbers is numbers. I cain't count thet high anyways."

-- George Bush

At Thu May 10, 03:48:00 PM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Angry Ballerina: Thank you, Angry Ballerina. Your comments over at Evil Spock are perhaps the funniest part of the website! (I hope you liked your tribble.)

His eminence, the Poobah: Yeah, well, Speaker Pelosi will give him something to count.


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