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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Special Summertime Romance Post - Break out the Chocolate!

Here is a link to the last page of a romantic story from the comic book Young Love #80 (May-June 1970) that now has a special updated surprise ending! Check it out!

Original comic from Lady, That's My Skull

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At Tue Jun 12, 01:02:00 PM, Blogger Sleestak said...

The Love Doctor is in!

(Your link goes to a different post.)

At Tue Jun 12, 02:32:00 PM, Anonymous Tengrain said...

So that's you secret, you prey on desperate and lonely women.

I'm on to you, Dr. Z!



At Tue Jun 12, 05:43:00 PM, Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Keep your paws off her you damned dirty ape.

Sorry, you probably have to hear that all the time.

At Tue Jun 12, 11:46:00 PM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Sleestak: Why, yes I am! I am the orangutan of amor, and I have a prescription for what ails a pretty girl's broken heart.

Tengrain: You forgot the word lasciviously. I "lasciviously prey on desperate and lonely women." It's important to keep busy, don't you agree?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator: LOL! Don't get all Chuck Heston on me, I'll have to sic the gorillas on you with a firehose!

(Thank you for the blogroll! I did the same for your blog, under "Pop Culture of the Damned.")


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