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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amy Walter, Where Are You?

HTV 03/20/08: Virgins & Republicans: Dropping Like Flies
HTV 03/19/08: McCain's Senior Moment: & Other Tales from Spring Break
HTV 03/18/08: The Big Speech: Obama on Race, Religion & Rev. Wright
HTV 03/17/08: The Homer Simpson Vote: Will White Guys Decide the Election?
HTV 03/12/08: Obama/Ferraro: Ms. Progress '84 = Ms. Soft Racism '08

I'm very upset with Hotline TV. In four of the last nine episodes, Amy Walter was not even on the show! Instead they had some clown named Jon Mercurio and some young whippersnapper called 'blog boy'! What a twit! Mercurio says that Ms. Walter is "Touring Europe, promting her memoir about working with Charlie Cook (Of Those were the days..." Ack! Come back, Amy Walter! We miss you!


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