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Monday, October 27, 2008

Posted by: X_ijustwant2bethin_X


I found this blog while I was looking for a picture of a crowded room. I still find it hard to believe that it's real, especially since I have such a deep and enduring commitment to food.


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At Mon Oct 27, 12:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrifying, isn't it?

At Mon Oct 27, 12:38:00 PM, Blogger Dean Wormer said...

She needs a sammich.

And some serious help.

At Tue Oct 28, 10:44:00 AM, Blogger weberr said...

This is both real, and complicated. Most anorexics deal with a long history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. By modifying their bodies they seek both not to be noticed by another abuser, but at the same time seek relief from all the name calling and abuse that they still carry in their minds. Treating the symptom (starvation, purging, etc) is never a long term solution. You must get them therapy to unearth all the garbage in their heads and find a way to free them from it.

At Sun Nov 02, 02:16:00 AM, Blogger Odile said...

There´s nothing I can said... (poor chik, hope she find peace in this world)


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