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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"the-more-things-change-the-More-They-Stay-the-Same" Department

Where have we heard this before? FOX News is partying like it's 1934!

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At Wed Oct 21, 10:50:00 PM, Blogger Kenmeer livermaile said...

" it's 1934..."

A zinger, sir, a zinger.

At Thu Oct 22, 10:17:00 AM, Blogger Randal Graves said...

I just hope they don't start listening to those Negro musicians. Reefer madness!

At Thu Oct 22, 10:22:00 AM, Blogger Übermilf said...

Someone should tell them Stalin's dead.

At Thu Oct 22, 10:34:00 AM, Blogger sunshine said...

Too bad I don't get Fox News. I see it there on my tv. Click on it but alas.. it's part of a cable package I just don't want to purchase.

I see Geraldo has a show on it. He's the man! :P Or, at least he used to be the man. Is he still ... the man??


P.S. I saw on the cover of some rag magazine that "President Obama wants to *CRUSH* Glen Beck".. I was going to buy it for you but then I realized I don't know where you live... :)

At Fri Oct 23, 06:33:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Kenmeer livermaile: Zingers? Mmm! I like Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho-Hos too! ;o)

Randal Graves: Yay! Motown rules! ;o)

Übermilf: Ah, but his ridiculous rhetoric lives on in the hearts and minds of the present administration! (At least on FOX News.) ;o)

Sunshine: Geraldo is no longer the man, now he is merely the mustache. A shadow of his former shelf life. ;o)

(By the way, I live in Ape City, of course!)

At Mon Oct 26, 11:17:00 PM, Blogger ZIRGAR said...

I love FOX News. I mean, I just take whatever it says, reverse it and I get the truth. It never fails!


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