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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shatner Gets Served!


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At Sun Dec 13, 08:20:00 AM, Blogger Jay Simser said...

Thank you Dr. - I stole it to but on the Buddy

At Sun Dec 13, 08:46:00 AM, Blogger MRMacrum said...

Excellent. But I would call it a draw.

At Sun Dec 13, 09:45:00 AM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

palin should just become the next zasu pitts

At Sun Dec 13, 01:08:00 PM, Blogger sunshine said...

Shatner is THE MAN! She will never take that away from him! Damn her..... :P


At Mon Dec 14, 07:24:00 AM, Blogger Teresita said...

They should do a duet:

"And all this science I don't understand. It's just a job five days a week. Rocketman!"

At Wed Dec 16, 05:41:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Jay Simser: Yay! Thanks for the link! ;o)

MRMacrum: You have to give Sarah Palin her due - this was a win for her public relations department. ;o)

Distributorcap: Sarah Palin would probably be more coherent in black and white! ;o)

Sunshine: Shatner is awesome! ;o)

Teresita: I like that one, but I like William shatner doing "Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds" the best!


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