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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Check Out Our Swell New Video Game, 'Senate Finance Committee'!

Check out this swell video game called 'Senate Finace Committee' that I made with my good friend Derk the Jerk over at Man-Eating Cheeseburger. (keep your cursor inside the game, or you can't move your senator!)

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At Tue Oct 13, 02:48:00 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Damn! I'm Canadian so of course I lost.
Too Socialist I suppose... sigh.


At Tue Oct 13, 03:07:00 PM, Blogger Kelly the little black dog said...

Great job Dr. Z. Love it! Especially the soundtrack!

At Wed Oct 14, 10:24:00 AM, Blogger Sue J said...

Love it!

I am so disappointed that WordPress won't let me post this. That's what I get for being so cheap, I guess.

At Wed Oct 14, 10:28:00 AM, Blogger Randal Graves said...

This might be the most un-American thing you've ever done, pinko. I was crying for your soul, but then I got some lobbyist scratch and I feel better now.

At Wed Oct 14, 12:02:00 PM, Blogger lisahgolden said...

Hey! Finally a game I'm good at! Love it!

At Fri Oct 16, 09:47:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Sunshine:With a little practice, I am sure that Canadian politicians could learn how to cave to lobbyists just like American politicians do. ;o)

Kelly the little black dog: Thanks, kelly! :o)

Sue J: Thanks, Sue J! Not all blogging servers with allow inline frames, unfortunately. :o(

Randal Graves: Hey! Who you callin' "pinko", Randall? You're pinker than Elvis' Cadillac! You're pinker than a breast cancer awareness ribbon! ;o)

Lisa: Yay! It doesn't matter if you're a lobbyist or a senator, everybody's a winner! ;o)

At Sat Oct 17, 02:17:00 PM, Blogger SadButTrue said...

Sadly, dear Doctor, Canadian politicians are learning how to behave just like Americans.

See: Harper, Stephen.

At Sun Oct 18, 11:20:00 AM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

where is President Olympia Snowe

At Mon Oct 19, 10:48:00 PM, Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Awesome. It made me throw up.


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