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Monday, March 26, 2007

Right-wing blogs are leaning towards some administrative streamlining

According to The Carpetbagger Report, even the right-wing bloggers have dropped support for Gonzales. Now if we can just get rid of the habeas corpus provision of the Military Commissions Act, this will start to look like a demcracy again. (Sort of.)

Despite the latest revelations that Alberto Gonzales lied about his involvement in the prosecutor purge, the President is standing by his Attorney General. I’m wondering if he’s the only one.

I was reading several conservative blogs yesterday to gauge their support for the embattled AG. I was surprised to see so many who have decided that Gonzales is no longer deserving of support.
Have we had enough yet? I understand the argument that if we allow the Democrats to bounce Gonzales, they’ll just aim for more, but Gonzales made himself the target here with what looks like blatant deception. I don’t think we do ourselves any good by defending the serially changing stories coming out of Gonzales’ inept administration at Justice. One cannot support an Attorney General who misleads Congress, allows his staffers to mislead Congress, and deceives the American people, regardless of whether an R or a D follows his name or the majority control of Congress. Ed Morrissey
I will brook no excuses by commenters that Gonzalez "misspoke," or "forgot," or "got a note from his mother" that gave him permission to lie, or other excuses from the ever dwindling number of Bush diehards who visit this site . He is the frickin’ Attorney General of the United States fer crissakes! If there is anybody in government who needs to tell the truth, it is the guy responsible for enforcing the laws of land. Right Wing Nut House
Some readers are cross with me for using the word "lied" in reference to Gonzales. Okay, he may simply have been deeply, deeply, confused, out of touch and unprepared to give a press conference which was supposed to put an end to the "scandal" and instead poured gasoline on it at a time when his boss, the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief, had vastly more important things to deal with. Jonah Goldberg

The real issue is not only that Gonzales fired US attorneys for political reasons, but that he used a little known provision of the Patriot Act to undermine the power of the congress by appointing "interim" US attorneys that are not allowed to be vetted by the congress. This provision would only be approriate to use during a time of extreme crisis.

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