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Friday, March 16, 2007

Psst! Psst! Veronica said that Betty is a terrorist! Pass it on!

I don't want to give you the impression that I just sit around all day reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube, but...

Caution - Apply only to affected areas
What's more nutritious than the cereal? The box it came in! This link will take you to images from the backs of all kinds of cereal boxes. (My favorites were the Alice in Wonderland Royal Trading Cards and the Disneyland Light Up series.) Do you remember those records that were printed right on the cereal box? Scramarama has compiled a discography of known cereal box records, via Bubblegum University. Information of this nature is clearly worthy of a final dissertation by a graduate student.

I am always so far out of the loop. Nobody ever tells me anything! I had no idea that there was secret Taco Bell menu.

I really think that this video is funny, but if the can make a great song like this about Bobby De Niro, why can't they do one about someone really cool, like Boris Karloff?

There goes the whole damned afternoon! Don't even think about doing laundry, you are going to be too busy watching the Boing Boing 2006 Videos and the The 50 Greatest Commercials of the '80s.

If you liked Fantasia and that style of animation, take your drug of choice (Me? The drugs of choice are coffee, chocolate and disdain! Oh, yeah!) and head over to part 1 and part 2 of an interesting animated film set to the music of Franz Schubert 'Unfinished' Eighth Symphony, via Crooks and Liars.

This video might come in handy under certain bizarre sets of circumstances. It is simply the Jeopardy's Think Music Theme on guitar. "Need a minute to think about that?"

I used to do origami as way to way to quit cigarettes. In the end, I got so good at origami that I was able to fold those intricate mountain and valley folds while smoking at the same time! Oh well, these guys are so insane about origami that I think that they should take up smoking! The art origami: [ 1, 2, 3 ]

Don't pick your nose, don't play with your food, don't talk with your hands... I posted Johann Lippowitz performs Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" last year. Here is his latest interpretation of a song, "Wherever I Lay My Hat."

A pretty Girl in a Ridiculous Outfit is Like a Melody
Tired of looking at photos of half-naked women from Mardi Gras? Yeah, me neither. [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ] But these are worth a look as well - Photos of the King of the past and present German Mardi Gras celebration. (Somehow, the celebration involves carrots.) These quaint and curious costumes from the Netherlands have a more "Insane Grand Wazoo from the Future as drawn by Jack Kirby" feel about them. To be even more confused, start from the home page. Wikipedia does it's best to describe the event, but outfits like these are never truly explained. Boing Boing has some info too. It's not all about the guys in the silly hats, either. There is always something very exciting about a girl in a really ridiculous outfit. Check out the outfits on these girls. The same girls are on the home page, holding carrots. What could it all mean? Who cares! I mean, girls in silly outfits holding carrots! What more could you possibly want?

Not that we can blame all silly outfits on the Germans. Every year at the Oscars, America gawks at the silly outfits worn by the Hollywood elite. Samurai Frog has put together some compilations of the goofy outfits from the Oscars, as well as what was worn at the after parties. He has also posted several pictures of the "Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role" winner, Helen Mirren. My favorite Helen Mirren role will always be DCI Jane Tennison. (DCI Jane Tennison: "Listen, I like to be called Governor or The Boss. I don't like Ma'am - I'm not the bloody Queen. So take your pick.")

I just can't get enough of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! The Brady Bunch sings Razzle Dazzle, Keep On, and It's a Sunshine Day. Yowsa!

What is hotter that Batgirl playing the damsel in distress? Batgirl getting a spanking! Marshall Art Studio posts the erotic adventures of Batgirl getting spanked by Robin in Batgirl in Trouble. [2] (I didn't know that the little twerp had it in him.)

Not racy enough for your jaded palate? Liz Vicious as Batgirl does her best to impersonate the dazzling dare doll as a naked young college student. (She does not look a librarian with a working knowledge of the Dewey Decimal system to me.) Also, here is a rather fetching Batgirl that has "caption this" written all over it, from Did you just call me a prick?!?!

fullscans_daily's Journal has posted the complete Batgirl Adventures #1. (He also has Amazing Fantasy #15, for that matter.)

Vitamin Xenophobia
You have to wonder if the Japanese are the only ones making good television anymore. How can American shows like Desperate Housewives or 24 begin to compete with Miyauchi Hiroshi in Toei Spider-Man? it boggles the mind.

Why is American advertising so lame? This ad for "Canal+ the Cinema Channel" about the March of the Penguins is funnier than any American ad that I have seen in a long time. Yeah, I know, it's in French with subtitles. Just make sure that you are eating "Freedom Fries" with plenty of W Ketchup when you watch this video. (Be warned, if you laugh at this ad, you are a defeatist surrender monkey!)

Another great foreign film from the 2005 Sydney Film Festival comes the Australian film Airport by Iain Anderson. It's animated entirely with international travel graphics.

The Swedish Chef contends with the illegal immigrant situation. Someone call Lou Dobbs!

I didn't believe it at first, by here is proof positive that President Bush is secretly controlled by a little foreign guy wearing a hat.

Wild Kingdom
I love this! I watched it over and over. This is not just some random moment caught on video, the cat is clearly doing this to create pleasant sounds. Get your own litterbox, Beethoven! There is a new cat in town. From Raven's Wing Studio is one of the greatest cat videos ever, Nora, The Piano-Playing Cat. For more info, Nora's official link. (Via Fetch Me My Axe.)

The eternal struggle of Puppy vs Kitty and Kitten Vs. Powerbook. Kitties win, of course.

Praise Jesus or Spend the Summer at Gitmo Bible Camp
Samurai Frog dug up these amazing videos from Lulu the Parasite of Billy Graham being interviewed by Woody Allen. [Part 1, Part 2] Samurai Frog points out, "He and Woody have a nice little back-and-forth that's actually respectful and polite, with the two trading quips and ribbing each other, and even though they disagree on the question of God, they're polite about each other's beliefs. Where did all the politeness go?" I found his comment very insightful. It is hard to imagine this kind of congenial conversation about religion taking place in the media today. (Not without bloodshed, at least.)

Any argument that invokes Nazis as a comparison has reached it's lowest ebb - Which is alway the best part of any discourse! Bask in the glory of Hitler and Jesus on a Road Trip. Do you love God? Sieg Heil!

Definately worth a second glance, Monty Python's Every Sperm Is Sacred via Cuntensquirten.

Larger Than Life and Twice as Bloggy
Brilliant! "Defending The Rich, The Decadent and The Flaunting Of Wealth while Chastising The Poor For Making 'Bad Choices.' A juxtaposition of O'Reilly's views with the word of God." MASHUP: Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl Capitalism.

Two really funny parodies of the Superman Theme Song and the James Bond Theme. (Not nearly as annoying as you might think.)

Totally Obsessed with the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," this Detroit area girl tells her story. You can think to yourself that she is a loser while you drool at her original TMNT props and costumes. You might say, "Get a life?" but look at all of the great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff she's got! (And she is breaking new ground in the TMNT pizza culinary arts.) Via Eli Lyons

In this video Grace Jones is pissing off those PETA people while creating a few pup tents as she sings Do Or Die.

OK, if you don't like Grace Jones, then Elvis Presley has a hunka hunka Burning Love, just for you.

Here is a nifty tune, certain to be a personal favorite of Sleestak, the timeless song "Let's Get Together" as sung by Hayley Mills and of course, Hayley Mills. Equally pleasant, but perhaps not was well known was Hayley's version "Jeepers Creepers," in this case set to images from Clockwork Orange. ("Golly gee, when you turn those heaters on, Woe is me, Got to put my cheaters on!")

This is proof positive that Darwin was wrong, apes actually evolved from men. The one, the only: Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution! This link Lawgiver approved.

From Sesame Street, S for Superman (1970). Via Beaucoup Kevin

You've read it before, now read it again - Jon Stewart Audience Smarter Than Bill O'Reilly's. It's still funny!

Not nearly enough, but here are 48 seconds of Calvin and Hobbes.

The Trailer from Ed Wood's cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Space, - colorized, for your protection!

Mr. Fantastic is a total dickhead. How do I know? Just watch the Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society. You'll see. (And my hero, the misunderstood Dr. Doom, is sadly under-represented.) Along the same lines, Super Hero Roast from the 1970s, including this special moment from Hawkman's Mom.

This is just too weird. Not only does the religious right have a strangle hold on our society, Xenu and the religious thetans are controlling public policy as well. Critic of Scientology Arrested YTMND [ 2 ] via Crooks and Liars. Damn you, Tom Cruise!

More surreal than it sounds, a video based on the Mary Worth comic strip.

This guy dressed up as Pee-Wee Herman for Halloween at his high school, and won best costume, Pee-Wee's School Day. Here is another guy dressed up as Batman trying to convince the judges to choose him as the winner for the Comic-Con. Also, a talking skeleton riding a motorcycle approaches people walking on the sidewalk and asks them, "Come to hell with me." I think that this video turned out far more surrealistic than the film producer originally intended.

Watch this Secretary of State shake up the House in Condi Rice Raps. Condilicious! Via King of Zembla.

Do you like Zombies? Do you like meat pies? Do you like Marvel Comics? Then you are going to love a marvel comic's spoof about Zombies and meat pies! For dessert, there is another fine meat exhibit, "Meat! It's what's for dinner?" over at No Smoking in the Skull Cave.

Damn the Man Department
This is what it is all about! Our American fighting men and women deserve better leadership than the present criminals in the White house, especially if the can produce a video like this! VAW-116 Hawkeye Squadron's lip sync version of Outkasts' "Hey Ya," via Breaking News USA.

Here is Saturday Night Live's take off on Nancy Pelosi. If you are not in the mood for parody, here is that deadly serious video of Nancy Pelosi taking on no bid contractors in a recent CNN video that everyone is talking about. Go, Nancy, Go!

A recent AP Poll states that Bush is worse than Satan in the eyes of the American public. The Poll is unfair to Cheney though, because he was not in candidates listed. via Don't Floss With Tinsel

Don't read the boring article about absentee Rove, Watch the video! It has lots more vitamins and minerals. This bit of rich creamy goodness is brought to you by Blue Gal, naturally.

Check out the Max Blumenthal's video about the Conservative Political Action Committee, CPAC: The Unauthorized Documentary. Yeah, you get to Michelle Malkin have a hissy fit and Ann Coulter say "John Edwards is a Faggot," but for my money the coolest moment is Flipper, the Anti-Romney Dolphin saying that the "conservative movement is in crisis." There is something really funny about a recycled cartoon character that had once been used to insult Democrat John Kerry in the last presidential election, now being used to insult Republican Mitt Romney. WTF?

Samurai Frog over at Electronic Cerebrectomy has put together two excellent compilation of the Democratic Contenders and Republican Contenders for the 2008 presidential election.

Al Franken on Letterman 09/01/06, skip to part three if you are in a hurry. [ 1, 2, 3 ] via Blue Gal (Whatever happened to Janeane Garofalo?)

A modern message from our Our founding fathers, set to music. This is what the Constitution of the United States is all about, boys and girls. If you don't watch this video, the terrorists win.

Rep. David Wu says that "There are Klingons in the White House!", but I know that they are in fact Lectroids from the Planet 10.

The latest interview with everyone's favorite lunatic neo-conservative, Crooks and Liars explains the fetid and oozing Douglas Feith - the man, the myth, the humongous, steaming pile of lies and distortions.

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