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Friday, June 05, 2009

Further Evidence of the Coming of the Great Apeocolypse

Further evidence of the coming of the Great Apeocolypse! Every Saturday afternoon a Los Angelos art gallery hosts a weekly life drawing class at the La Cita bar. From 3-8 p.m. the models are released from a backstage holding cell, who then pose in bikinis and gorilla masks for the patrons to sketch. (You are supposed to bring your own art materials.) The evidence is irrefutable!


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At Fri Jun 05, 03:23:00 AM, Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Even further evidence is the Republican party. lol

At Fri Jun 05, 12:11:00 PM, Blogger Randal Graves said...

As long as the end comes via bikini-clad ladies. Much better than Skeletors on horses brandishing giant swords.

At Fri Jun 05, 02:16:00 PM, Blogger Darwin's Dagger said...

What a way to go.

At Fri Jun 05, 11:48:00 PM, Blogger susan said...

It's all too easy to take giant simians seriously.

At Sat Jun 06, 01:29:00 PM, Blogger Freida Bee, MD said...

I want to see resultant artwork! Waaaaa!

At Mon Jun 08, 08:21:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Zirgar: I hate to say it, but I think that bikinis and gorilla masks are really more like the godless Democratic party... ;o)

Randal Graves: Indeed. The Great Apeocolypse works in strange and mysterious ways!

Darwin's Dagger: The world shall not end with a bang, but with a bikini!

Susan: And well you should! ;o)

Freida Bee, MD: Me too! It would be fun to actually be one of the artists as well. :o)

At Sat Jun 13, 09:39:00 PM, Blogger Karla said...

Is this another Guerilla Girls stunt?


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