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Monday, June 08, 2009

My Second Favorite Part of the Newspaper


Our local paper has a feature where readers can call in and leave a message about any subject that they feel that they would like to broadcast to the world. They are printed without any name or identification. These were the comments that the newspaper ran on Friday. They are fairly representative of what is usually run in this feature.

Just Right

As a matter of fact, Rush Limbaugh is a good citizen because he does indeed listen to both sides. He gives credit to any idea he considers good for the country. He criticizes any idea he considers harmful, no matter what party is the originator.

Lady Problem

The lady judge soon to be installed on the Supreme Court is a dedicated anti-gun activist. This is your president setting up the court so they can take away your guns. Notice how our liberal news media don’t tell about this so it will go through without a problem.

Believe It

I wonder how many people who voted for change wanted the change we are getting today. The American people are going to be put in the poor house by this administration. It’s going to come down to where the government is going to be so big that they are going to tax you even if you grow a little garden. I hope the people who voted for change, I sure hope this wasn’t the change you wanted.

It is interesting to note that although this town voted 51% for Obama in the presidential election, pro-Obama comments never seem to make it into this feature.

I thought that this one was kind of interesting as well:

Ham It Up

Well, I see on the local television station there was a big grant given to the city to fix their emergency communication vehicle not only for the city but for the county. None of the ham operators have been communicated with, although federal statute requires that ham operators be involved in emergency communications by statute of law. It’s about time the ham operators who stand ready to help were contacted and we could get to do something.

I'm sure that this is somehow Obama's fault as well... (Does ham radio count as pork?)

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At Mon Jun 08, 08:53:00 AM, Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Well, maybe the messages from the right are more entertaining than those the godless, commie, pinko lefty, socialist, homosexuals leave. I mean, the ones you posted were hilarious, though they were probably delivered to yur local paper with the utmost seriousness, which in turn only serves to make them that much more hilarious--it's an endless loop of loopiness!

At Mon Jun 08, 09:30:00 AM, Blogger Seeing Eye Chick said...

If we loose our 2nd Amendment Rights it will be because of people like Roeder and the nutters who threaten the president daily with gun violence or use that as an excuse to justify their shoot outs with police on a daily basis it seems. Rush limbaugh is an Amoebic specimin of Human de-evolution who delights in nothing more than ratings and making money. He is a media whore period.

As for Change, Rome wasn't built in a day nor with a credit card. Obama is having to undue 8 years of idiocy that has run this country into the ground financially, politically, morally, and culturally. Obama has the dubious pleasure of teaching this Nascar Nation how to eat with utinsils and pretend they like urinating indoors.

At Mon Jun 08, 09:59:00 AM, Blogger dguzman said...

I love letters to the editor! Yesterday in the Pittsburgh paper, some cretin defended waterboarding because it wasn't as horrible as it must've been to die in the Twin Towers, as if such a comparison justifies either crime.

At Mon Jun 08, 10:20:00 AM, Blogger Übermilf said...

Thank you for adding to my hatred of my common man.

I like the term "Lady Judge." Maybe she and other "Lady Judges" should get pink robes with flowers on them.

At Mon Jun 08, 12:58:00 PM, Blogger Utah Savage said...

This is why I cancelled my subscription to the local paper. If I kept bunnies or birds I'd have a good use for it, but sans cage lining, there is no good use for it. But remember, I live in Utah.

At Mon Jun 08, 11:41:00 PM, Blogger susan said...

Neocon is code for fascist magician. Send more troops into bottomless conflicts and civil wars; try to drive all the illegal Mexicans out of what was once Mexico; waterboard everybody who has a different opinion ; chest thump and crow 'Shock and Awe'. Their goal is to continue weaving terror into American life. Sick f*krs.

btw - That's a truly revolting picture. Congratulations.

At Tue Jun 09, 06:11:00 PM, Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Wow, Rush certainly has one disgusting set of moobs, doesn't her?

At Wed Jun 10, 08:24:00 AM, Blogger Randal Graves said...

I would love to de-plant my beans n' tomatoes in advance of the Hussein X Victory Garden Tax, but that picture has rendered me blind.

At Wed Jun 10, 11:13:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Zirgar: Jeppers, I never thought of that! Maybe the GOP is merely a form of entertainment, like the comedy relief in a really annoying science fiction movie. No wonder republicans talk like Threepio!

Seeing Eye Chick: What a great comment! You certainly have a gift for prose. I love this quote, "As for Change, Rome wasn't built in a day nor with a credit card. Obama is having to undue 8 years of idiocy that has run this country into the ground financially, politically, morally, and culturally. Obama has the dubious pleasure of teaching this Nascar Nation how to eat with utensils and pretend they like urinating indoors." Awesome! I can't top that. :o)

Dguzman: Wotta maroon! By that logic, any crime shy than murder is justified!

Übermilf: "Lady Judge" could be a fragrance... or even a line of clothing! (Black robes, mostly.) :o)

Utah Savage: I think that bird cage lining is too good for our paper, sadly. ;o)

Susan: Thanks, Susan! Their Neocon magic is now doing a disappearing act - on their supporters!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator: Indeed! But the ugliest part of his body is still his brain. ;o)

Randal Graves: You plant beans and tomatoes? I thought that the only crop your planted was social unrest and the flags of discontent... ;o)

At Wed Jun 10, 12:50:00 PM, Blogger Dean Wormer said...

God, so much retard there.

At Wed Jun 10, 01:41:00 PM, Blogger Tengrain said...

Dr. Zauis -

You told me about this when we met last year, and everytime you feature this it shocks me. But then again, I come from the People's Republic of Californiastan, motto: "Broke Again!"

I would get involved with ham radio if it was bacon, by the way.



At Wed Jun 10, 11:20:00 PM, Blogger Seeing Eye Chick said...

Thanks for correcting the spelling. Not my strong point, especially when my little monkeys are screaming for--whatever it is this five minutes. Glad I could contribute to the entertainment. I mispelled specimen too.

That being said, I do comprehend the meaning of those words which is more than I can say for the Moobinator you have pictured for this post.

Your other readers are just as intriging as you are.

Fascinating! Entertaining! and Stimulating. When I come here, I don't feel like I need KY for my brain. Sometimes consensus reality-- as depicted in the regular media causes me to feel like my intellect is dry humping alone, on a bed of nails.
One might ask why?
Because it feels so good when I stop.


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