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Monday, January 25, 2010

Move Over, Sarah


It seems that former Alaskan Govenor Sarah Plain will have to share the limelight with the Republican's latest annointed saint, Scott Brown. Hardball's Chris Matthews Quipped:

Chris MatthewsChris Matthews: Up next... who loses the most with Scott Brown’s victory this week? It might be Sarah Palin. All of the sudden, she has company on the Republican hot list. Well, political hot list.

Watch out, Sarah. There's a new teabaggging superstar in town!


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At Tue Jan 26, 12:45:00 PM, Blogger Tengrain said...

Monty Python tells us that the angels have the trumpets coming out of their butts, so I think that this picture is a photoshop.

Hard to tell for sure though.



At Tue Jan 26, 01:34:00 PM, Blogger Randal Graves said...

Just wait until Scott Brown starts trolling around in a codpiece. Start calculating minimum safe distance from Tweety.

At Tue Jan 26, 07:28:00 PM, Blogger Übermilf said...

They both have awesome hair, too.

At Tue Jan 26, 07:46:00 PM, Blogger Terry said...

Well, I'll say it: Brown-Palin, 2012!
I mean, they seem like such a perfectly matched and horribly unqualified pair of dice chock full of teabagger head cheese; that'll pull 20% of the electorate right there; and hopefully not a single vote more. Gooooooobye, dickweeds.

At Tue Jan 26, 08:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking Romney-Brown, but traditionally, a ticket is split in such a way that a Yankee is paired with a Rebel or a Cowboy, but never two Yankees. Of course, Clinton-Gore were two hicks from the South, so it doesn't always work.

At Tue Jan 26, 09:15:00 PM, Blogger GETkristiLOVE said...

Well played Sir, well played.

At Wed Jan 27, 02:00:00 AM, Blogger 3NINO said...

isn't he the guy who openly stated at a press conference or something 'Yes, these two girls are my daughters and to answer everybody's question, yes they are available'?

At Wed Jan 27, 11:45:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Tengrain: Monty Python might have exaggerated that one small point. ;o)

Randal Graves: Eek! That would put the hard in Chris Matthew's Hardball. ;o)

Übermilf: Yes, but they part it on the right. ;o)

Terry: 20% of the electorate sounds about right. ;o)

Lilith: What have you got against Sarah Palin? She came to earth to save mankind, according FOX News. ;o)

GETkristiLOVE: Thanks! ;o)

3NINO: Yep! Wotta guy. ;o)


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