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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Trailer to the 1973 Film "Superchick"

No time for blogging today! I have been sick for the last two weeks, so I am busy swimming in a limpid pool of antihistamines, antibiotics, cough medicine, Pepto Bismol and chicken soup. (My doctor is true a magician. Every time I see him, money disappears from my wallet!) In the meantime you can watch this swell trailer to the 1973 film "Superchick". ('A swinging super motion picture experience about a super kind of woman!')


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At Thu Feb 11, 04:37:00 PM, Blogger sunshine said...

I want to be Superchick!
Or at least have her hair....


At Thu Feb 11, 04:37:00 PM, Blogger sunshine said...

P.S. Sorry to hear that you were sick! I hope that you are feeling better.

At Thu Feb 11, 05:56:00 PM, Blogger BAC said...

Hey Dr. Z ... I hate to hear that you aren't feeling well. Now eat two pieces of chocolate cake, and call me in the morning!


ps: I know where I can get you "brain bread" if it would help!

At Fri Feb 12, 01:19:00 PM, Blogger Randal Graves said...

Sick? Bah, you've spent the last two weeks watching Superchick on repeat. You can't fool us one iota.

At Sun Feb 14, 10:25:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Sunshine: Hair-envy? Hee hee! ;o)

sunshine: I'm almost better, I think. thanks! ;o)

BAC: Yay! Now that's a prescription that I will love to fill! ;o)

(I love brain bread.)

Randal Graves: Sadly, I can't find Superchick on the television box. :o(

At Sun Feb 14, 11:16:00 AM, Blogger Freida Bee, MD said...

I hope you're doing better now. Is that a tub of that 70's water-less fur cleaner?


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