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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gingrich's little friends still smarting about having to work 5 days a week

US News & World Report: 'One of the lesser-known aspects of the
Finally the MSM is starting to surface for air on the story about Nancy Pelosi's Plane. US News & World Report ran a couple of stories that shed some light on the issue. First this story, that I found on because forum member Berlin93 was linking to a Zaius Nation Graphic. (I can't compliment Berlin93 enough for his good taste in regards to both the artwork and the article.)

One of the lesser-known aspects of the "Air Pelosi" controversy is the degree to which the fuss is payback for the House speaker's decision to hold legislators to a five-day workweek instead of the three- or four-day schedule adopted by the Republicans in the past.

Nancy Pelosi has been struggling to explain her need for a big Air Force jet to fly nonstop to her home district in San Francisco. She says she is only following the policy of her predecessor, Republican Dennis Hastert of Illinois, who flew home regularly on government aircraft for security reasons. Pelosi says she needs a bigger government jet than Hastert did because she has a lot farther to go, and, besides, the security requirement was imposed by the House sergeant at arms. Otherwise, she says, she'd fly commercial.

But Pelosi has been attacked by GOP legislators for extravagance and hypocrisy, since she has criticized Republicans for taking too many perks when they controlled Capitol Hill.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has sided with Pelosi. But GOP insiders say the issue has a lot to do with Pelosi's work-week requirements, which many legislators consider a PR stunt that imposes a real burden on them getting home to be with their families and constituents.

That said, the aircraft fuss has become "an irresistible target" for the GOP legislators, says a Republican insider. US News & World Report

So it would seem that this is all about the complaints made by Rep. Jack Kingston, (R-Ga) and the rest of the Neo-Do-Nothing-Congress. And who was their spiritual guide on the these matters?

A potential 2008 presidential candidate, Gingrich has been meeting with Republicans at closed-door House gop retreats and suggesting ways to squash the Dems.

Initially, the former speaker urged a less in-your-face approach, advising Republicans to put it in idle and wait for the Democrats to "implode on their own," one gop lawmaker tells us. "Newt advised not to get out in front of them too fast, let them make some mistakes," says the lawmaker. Well, it hasn't happened fast enough, and now Gingrich is sounding the attack charge. At a second retreat of conservatives this month, he challenged them to bark loudly and often at Democrats and use parliamentary moves to thwart the opponents. His first order to conservative rabble-rousers: Take over the gop message. Next, he suggested tactics and rules to delay legislation and tricks to trap Democrats. Finally, drop a bomb the media will love. The gop did, slapping Speaker Nancy Pelosi's demand for an "Air Force Three" to fly her home to San Francisco. Says a leadership aide, "He brings up things that we didn't even know about." US News & World Report

This tactic seems to have been successful in the short run, creating the desired negative image for Pelosi, but the news is beginning to catch up with them just as it did during the recent Obama smear. And the antics on the house floor are hilarious! My previous post about the video of Rep. Bart Gordon and Rep. Barney Frank giving Rep. Patrick McHenry a metaphorical wedgie has been topped by this little number by Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Thank you, Rep. Bart Gordon, Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Anthony Weiner and US News & World Report.

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At Sat Feb 17, 01:26:00 PM, Blogger Kelly the dog said...

Threw you a link

At Thu Feb 22, 10:33:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Thanks! I love all of your new posts.

At Wed Apr 25, 05:25:00 PM, Anonymous Berlin93 said...

Sorry about stealing bandwidth from you by linking to your Nancy whipping the boys pic. These downs I download the photo and post it to my flikr site.

'Nancy with the whip' caused plenty of wingnut frothing and crying.

At Wed Apr 25, 05:48:00 PM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Berlin93: Sorry about stealing bandwidth from you by linking to your Nancy whipping the boys pic. These downs I download the photo and post it to my flikr site.

Hey, I don't mind for something like that. Anything for a good cause. Plus, as I recall you gave a link back to the site. Thank you for having the good taste to link to a Zaius Nation image!

Berlin93: 'Nancy with the whip' caused plenty of wingnut frothing and crying.

I love it! Click here for a whole bunch of Speaker Pelosi pics. I encourage you to use them!


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