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Friday, November 02, 2007

Buzz Conroy and Dr. Zaius Play William Tell

No time for blogging right now! Buzz Conroy and I are about to test out my new Magnetometric Plasma Blaster Rifle. Buzz is going to shoot this apple off the top of my head. Best two out of three! In the meantime, you can watch this important video in which Bruce Lee and The Chinese Popeye fight the Fearsome Space Mummies! Caution... It's extra scary!


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At Fri Nov 02, 11:57:00 AM, Blogger Swinebread said...

That was a heroic effort!

At Fri Nov 02, 08:59:00 PM, Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I had to fight fearsome space mummies once. Once.

At Fri Nov 02, 09:00:00 PM, Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh, and I can't believe I just saw that.

At Sat Nov 03, 09:50:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Swinebread: Indeed! And who knew that mummies from outer space were no nimble!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator: Really? You must tell us the tale!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator: It is enough to make you swear off of spinich forever.


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