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Monday, March 03, 2008

Poetry Corner, With Professor Zira's nephew, Lucius


I now present, for your philosophical and cultural edification, some examples of poetry written by that annoying little twerp in the office Professor Zira's very talented nephew, Lucius. He is not as talented as the wonderful Freida Bee (official poet laureate of the Zaius/Gregarious campaign), but he does seem to have certain bothersome lilting quality.

Shrug, Just Once
A whispered melody freezes the winds
across the slopes of our holy land
still haunted by the sleepy ghosts
of a dreamers what might have been
endlessly defending a golden harp
whose silken strings may never be strung
for if fate would guide her hand to find them
a single note would shake the world and to an end
religions would surrender, and nations would crumble
and that is why we leave Atlas, alone and forever humble

A Moment Stolen
Stars shined down and displayed the burning scars
the mind of a giant, chopped down from forced hours
lips chapped from lies, licked by a liars tongue
deceiver of your own love, destroyer of chance
your heart never slept, wrapped tight with lust
ask yourself truthfully, was it worth one last touch?

Apollo's Chosen
a princess frozen in her chosen abyss
eyes steadfastfully fixed, her trapped mouth frowns
from above the warmth of a lovers touch floats down
gaze locked ears shut, the snow in hand eternally clutched
ignorance her bliss, fear gripping her icy reach
cannot realize, cannot comprehend, no, not this one
his heart protected, hers shunned... by the beauty of the sun

Dr. Zaius: Ah, that hits the spot. I feel
culturally enriched already!


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