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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush is Having Another Weenie Roast at his Little Reichstag Bonfire

Flag Boy

I just found out about this over at DCup's place.

The latest "executive order" from the president states that he has the power to "Block Property" from people "who threaten stabilization efforts in Iraq." If the White House decides that you are are undermining efforts in Iraq, the Treasury Department is authorized to seize your money, property, assets, etc.

Unconstitutional? Why, yes! Of course it is! So why is this even legal?

Because the president declared that the country is in a state of emergency back on September 14, 2001.

The United States is officially in an ongoing state of emergency which began on January 24, 1995 with the signing of Executive Order 12947 by President Bill Clinton. In accordance with the National Emergencies Act, the executive order's actual effect was not a declaration of a general emergency, but a limited embargo on trade with "Terrorists Who Threaten To Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process." This "national emergency" was expanded in 1998 to include additional targets such as Osama bin Laden[7], and has been continued to at least 2008 by order of President George W. Bush. [...] Especially noteworthy is the state of emergency declared on September 14, 2001 through Bush's Proclamation 7463, regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This emergency continues through at least September, 2007. Wikipedia

In a state of emergency, the president has the power to do pretty much anything he wants to. This is crazy! Even most of the wingnuts at are pissed off about this.

Fairlane of Jones Town recently said,

What do you even say anymore?

I'm telling you Z, Bush is not leaving office voluntarily.

I know the humor is fun, and I'm a big fan myself, but then I look at my daughter, who's 3, and I honestly become frightened.

Many Americans don't seem to understand how dangerous these people truly are.  Fairlane

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At Fri Jul 20, 12:30:00 PM, Blogger 'Bubbles' said...

The founding fathers are spinning around in their graves.

US government, at all levels, is sooo out of control.

At Fri Jul 20, 12:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems to be no end to this Administration's hubrus and arrogance. Great take on this!

At Fri Jul 20, 01:57:00 PM, Blogger Johnny Yen said...

This shows that he obviously cheated throughout college: he has a degree in History and shows not one bit of evidence of knowing any history. Case in point: this is almost exactly what Woodrow Wilson did during World War I. People were thrown in jail for suggesting that the United States should not have gotten involved in the war. Can we expect his version of the Palmer Raids as well?

At Fri Jul 20, 03:51:00 PM, Blogger Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Great job.

At Fri Jul 20, 05:01:00 PM, Anonymous Omnipotent Poobah said...

Aw, he looks so pityful and cold standin' there with his flag wrapped around him.

And they think people who BURN them are the desecrators.

At Fri Jul 20, 05:17:00 PM, Blogger Jess Wundrun said...

There was an interesting piece at CounterPunch by Paul Craig Roberts, another republican who, like Fein, is frightened by the powers amassed by this administration.

The specter of this administration is obviously scary but what I cannot square that with is the fact that as the heat is turned up on George W Bush he acts more 'n more crazy. Since he has been a failure and a quitter all of his life, it really seems to me that he desperately wants out of the White House, not to stay in.

At Fri Jul 20, 07:38:00 PM, Blogger Phydeaux Speaks said...

It's some frightening stuff, all right.

Since he has been a failure and a quitter all of his life, it really seems to me that he desperately wants out of the White House, not to stay in.

Hence tomorrow's handover of power to Cheney. Dumbya will disappear down to Paraguay - with a cover story that there were unexpected complications during the 'scope. We end up with President Cheney.

I've got to go throw up now.

At Fri Jul 20, 08:38:00 PM, Anonymous mwb said...

They're just trying to take us back to the good old days.

Like before the Magna Carta.

Back when you could hunt serfs for sport (Dick Cheney so misses that!)

At Fri Jul 20, 09:13:00 PM, Anonymous Tengrain said...

I think this is more a sign of desperation than anything else -- except maybe a sign that they have finally jumped the shark.

The Right loves their money and property more than life itself, so chances are good this will finally cause even the wingnuts to revolt. I mean, they want him to attaci Iran, not Bank of America.



At Fri Jul 20, 11:24:00 PM, Blogger Liberality said...

"so long it's been good to know ya" folk singer Woodie Guthrie

At Sat Jul 21, 06:13:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

'Bubbles': The founding fathers are not only spinning around in their graves, they are swirling around on haunted high speed rotisseries!

DCup: Thank you for finding this story. Your blog was the first place I saw it.

Johnny Yen: I think that you are the first person (outside of one history professor) that has ever even heard of the Palmer raids. I kept bringing up the Palmer Raids to my friends and classmates over the last few years, and nobody ever knew what I was talking about.

Maybe Bush does know his history. If Palmer had never promised a Communist revolution on May Day, he might have had continued support. Bush seems to know that by never having a specific deadline the farce can just keep going and going...

Dr. Monkerstein: Thank you, sir!

Omnipotent Poobah: Someday he won't be so cold. I am sure that he will go somewhere very warm eventually. ;o)

Jess Wundrun: I actually saw that article. I thought it was a bit too alarmist drew too many conclusions. I hope that it, I hope that it is a bit too alarmist! Phydeaux is right, Bush is not the only one to fear, but his whole administration.

Phydeaux Speaks: Yes, Bush will go to Argentina with the rest of the Blue Meenies, and Cheney will hold the same reins he always has.

I'll get the bucket and the mop.

MWB: Serf hunting and witch hunting, and it will all be televised! I don't think that there are enough handbaskets to go around.

Tengrain: I hope that you are right. And there is a lot of evidence that would bear out that you are right. Bush just backed down on the CIA torture for fun and profit for example.

For wingnuts to revolt when bush starts to hurt where they can feel it, in their wallets. Of course by then it might be too late.

Liberality: It's not over yet. Help us Obi-Wan Pelosi! You're our only hope!

At Sat Jul 21, 09:00:00 AM, Blogger mark h said...

Fairlane has it right, which is why I've not only rethought my choice of candidates, but the second amendment as well.

But right now, humor is about the most effective weapon we've got.

At Sun Jul 22, 09:24:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Hmm... your first sentance is cryptic. I shall have to investigate you blog again to see what you mean.

Humor and voting and our elected Democratic representives are all we have. Well, there is also ice cream...

At Mon Jul 23, 09:15:00 AM, Blogger Johnny Yen said...

The Palmer Raids were so incredibly devastating to civil liberties in the United States. I'd heard of them in college-- I have my Bachelor's and Master's in Political Science, and minored in history-- but have read accounts of them elsewhere. Great book to get your hands on: Walter Karp's "The Politics of War," documents how the Spanish-American War and our entry into World War I had devestating effects on this country, turning us into a colonial power for the first time in our history, and stifling political dissent, and giving racist, sexist and anti-semetic police and politicians a new tool of suppression. Howard Zinn, of course, goes into them in his classic "Peoples History of the United States" (I'd put better-than-even money on the fact that you've read that one, after reading your blog regularly). One other book: Allen Ruff's "We Called Each Comrade," a history of the Charles H. Kerr publishing company here in Chicago-- they published radical literature. The government harassed them, using their use of the postal service to persecute them for using the mail to send "subversive" literature.

Hmmmm... I smell a blog post here...

At Tue Jul 24, 04:11:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Definitely! A blog post about the Palmer Raids at the very least! If you don't, I will. That's a great idea.

I am afraid that I have not read any of the books that you have mentioned. as a matter of fact, because I just got out of college, I have not read that is not a textbook in four years. I will have to get back in the habit. I used to read voraciously!


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