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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7

No time for blogging today! Germaine Gregarious and I are busy watching the skies for an invasion of illegal aliens! No, we haven't been listening to Lou Dobbs. I'm talking about those illegal aliens that are coming from Mars to steal Santa Clause! In the meantime, you can watch this swell video that explains everything, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians". Jeepers, Bill O'Reilly isn't the only one that hates Christmas - apparently Martians hate Christmas too! I've also got "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean" and the Ozzie & Harriet Christmas Episode. For a musical interlude I have Paul McCartney singing "Wonderful Christmas Time" and Judy Garland singing "Silent Night".


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At Wed Dec 19, 04:13:00 PM, Blogger SamuraiFrog said...

No, no. We on Mars love Christmas. You've got it wrong. Martians hate Marta Kristen.

At Wed Dec 19, 08:07:00 PM, Blogger BAC said...

I feel so much safer knowing that you and Germaine Gregarious are looking out for everyone. Thank you Dr. Zaius. Thank you.


At Thu Dec 20, 09:03:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

SamuraiFrog: It is hard to believe that anyone couuld hate Santa, but the film acts as documentary evidence.

BAC: So glad to be of service, BAC! Thank you for your kind words.


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