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Friday, April 25, 2008

Nancy Pelosi is So Liberal That it Makes Neil Cavuto Cry Like a Little Girl

Speaker Pelosi was on Larry King last night, renewing my faith in the Democratic Party to a degree. **sigh**


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At Fri Apr 25, 05:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy was on tv? Uh oh. I'm going to have to add some power to my sitemeter.

At Fri Apr 25, 06:58:00 AM, Blogger Dave The Angry Rhode Islander said...

I'm sorry but I have no respect for her. Prior to becoming Speaker, she was all rah-rah-rah about impeachment. Then she became Speaker, and impeachment was "off the table".

WTF??!! Lies lies lies...

At Fri Apr 25, 07:34:00 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

As usual, Speaker Botox isn't telling the truth.

She said she "hoped" the president would compromise on Iraq and listen to the American people.


The Speaker of House has the authority to close down committees charged with the task of war funding. All she would've had to do was call the committee chairs into her office and say, "I want your final report on my desk tomorrow at 4pm. Your committee work is thorough."

Thus, no more dollars would flow from the U.S. Treasury to the Pentagon and the Pentagon would be forced to spend what they have on-hand. Once the monies are spent, Bush and Hillary's Iraq war would grind to a halt.

This is what the US House did with Viet Nam and it forced Nixon's hand. Too bad Speaker Botox is as weak as water and afraid to wield the power inherent to her role as Speaker.

At Fri Apr 25, 08:37:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Christopher: Normally I would engage you into some kind of discussion on this subject with you, but in this case I don't feel that I should waste my time. Your lead post right now, "Why Does Senator Majority Leader Reid Hate Women?" is copied almost word for word from this New York Times editorial, "Pass the Fair Pay Act". A screen capture of your post clearly does not show any form of attribution. Most blogs will actually attribute a quote as opposed to passing it off as their own. Your blog is merely plagerized, and I have no desire to enter into a discussion with a xerox machine.

By the way, Nancy Pelosi was intrumental in getting the the bill that "your" post was about, The Fair Pay Act, throught the house. [ 1, 2 ] You blurt complete and utter nonsense without having any idea what you are talking about.

At Fri Apr 25, 02:37:00 PM, Blogger Wyldth1ng said...

It is crap like this that makes me wonder why we have 3 branches of the government. We might as well get rid of congress, it is obvious they don't do anything for their paycheck.

At Sat Apr 26, 09:16:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

DCup: Certainly the lighter side that you present is amusing. Although I have read what you have written, I still disagree. The Truth, a push and 10 cents won't even get you a cup of coffee. I am sure that Pelosi does not wish to appear like she is trying to "grab power for herself", as you state, but I am also sure that these three questions weigh upon her far more heavily. I have yet to see any call for Pelosi to impeach bush that takes these factors into account. I can only say that I think that is a naive position that does not present all of the facts.

Dave The Angry Rhode Islander: I certainly respect your opinion, but I can only say that in my opinion you are pushing a false meme. I would suggest that you read these three questions before committing to this belief. An action that is unpopular is not necessarily the wrong one.

Wyldth1ng: Like what exactly? I am not sure that I understand. I believe that an imperial presidency is certainly not an answer to this country's problems.

At Sun Apr 27, 08:43:00 PM, Blogger Wyldth1ng said...

I was being facetious.
Sometimes I think you have a beter wrap on things than you let on.

At Mon Apr 28, 08:30:00 AM, Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

I was being facetious as well. Please don't tell anyone that I might know something, it could ruin my image! ;o)


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