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Monday, January 30, 2012

Nyan Newt and Beyond!

No stranger to the ravages of outer space, presidential hopeful Newt Gingritch has been posing some interesting campaign promises as of late...

Newt's promise to build a a permanent lunar colony to exploit the Moon's resources...

Has met with some scepticism, even within the ranks of his own party.

President Gingritch, I must return to the moon to replenish my lunar life-support liquids in the limpid pools of the lava-laden crater of Langrenus...
And despite the fact that Newt's motives to go to the moon are quite benevolent...

Metal-Munching Moon Mice
He is completely ignoring the dangers of the monstrous mechanical Metal-Munching Moon Mice.


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Pink Singing Stupid Girls

No time for blogging today! Ms. Gregarious and I are busy meeting with the local Ladies Home Auxiliary. (Who, me? No, thank you! I'll be over here by the lime jello surprise, thank you.) I the meantime you can watch this swell video of Pink singing Stupid Girls.


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I'm gonna Miss Rick Perry...



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Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Best Way to Review a Television Program, With Zaius Nation

Until recently, I have faithfully watched 30 Rock once a week for years.

Now Comedy Central plays two episodes of 30 Rock every weekday!

I love all of the characters on 30 Rock, especially Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming Jack Donaghy [ 2 ] and the star of The Girlie Show, Jenna Maroney [ 2, 3, 4 ].

One of the greatest things about Comedy Central playing reruns of one of my favorite TV shows is that I can now sing the theme song to 30 Rock to my kitty 10 times a week instead of only once!

While watching television, the most important part of watching any TV series is singing the theme music to your cat, of course. If your cat likes it when you sing the theme music from a TV show to him, then it must be a pretty good show. (This is the secret to finding good television programming!) The greatest things about singing to your cat are:

1. They actually like silly lyrics, as long as the lyrics are about them.
2. They don't care if you have a terrible singing voice.
3. Sometimes they even sing along!

So in keeping with my tradition of singing television theme music to my cat, I've been singing the theme music to 30 Rock to my cat, Captain Nemo:

(na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na)
(brief staccato bass section)

I only sing the horn section of the 30 Rock music to my cat. I don't sing the staccato string section nor the percussion section during the themes brief introduction because, as we all know, that would be silly.

Sadly, I think that I have seen every episode of 30 Rock at least twice, so I shall have to wait until the show returns to NBC prime time on Thursday, January 12.

In the meantime, Santa brought me the boxed set of all three seasons of Kung Fu!

No, wait... I'm sorry. I meant this boxed set...

So naturally I've been singing the sorrowful and slightly racist theme music to the awesome television show Kung Fu to my cat. The signature of the theme is as follows, which is repeated during the introduction as well as during the ending credits of the show:

Nemo nemo-nemo-NE-mo-nemo

and then comes the part where Master Kan says, "As quickly as you can, snatch the pebble from my hand...", Which I find is a very appropriate time for a vigorous kitty back rub, followed by a methodical skritching behind the kitty's ears.

What television theme songs have you been singing to your cat?


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