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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Tv Shows Of 2010

No time for blogging today! My scientific team and I are just finishing up some year-end fembot maintenance. In the meantime you can read about my favorite non-news related TV shows that I watched in 2010 in alphabetical order (most of them are in reruns):

I love watching 30 Rock every week.

Cancelled after three seasons, episodes of the Comedy Central cartoon Drawn Together still airs once in a while. I really like Foxxy Love and Princess Clara, but I think that Ling-Ling steals the show every week! The third season was definitely the best.

I missed the show Friends when it originally aired, so now I enjoy it in reruns.

I really like Futurama and am glad that Comedy Central decided to renew the show. There are supposed to be at least thirteen more episodes that will be broadcast in 2011!

The TV show House is awesome!

I've been watching Scrubs because Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are hilarious!

Anything Shatner is always awesome. I really enjoyed Shatner's Raw Nerve [ 2 ] interviews with Leonard Nimoy, Rush Limbaugh and Weird Al Yankovic. Unfortunately many of the show's interviews are with some of Hollywood's not so interesting stars like Whoopie Goldberg, Tim Allen, Henry Winkler, Drew Carey, Jenna Jameson, Kelsey Grammer, John Voight, Jimmy Kimmel, Judge Judy, Jenna Jameson, Valerie Bertinelli and Scott Baio.

I like to watch South Park, although I think that the show's message can be kind of whiney and preachy at times.

Of course my favorite shows are science fiction or horror related, so here are my favorite spooky shows:

I have really really enjoyed all three seasons of the British TV series Being Human. I especially like Sinead Keenan who plays the nurse/werewolf Nina. The show is so good that the Sci-Fi channel SyFy channel is making an American version that is bound to be really crappy by comparison to the original show.

I like to watch Elvira because she plays the really awful horror films that I crave. She is the last of a dying breed of cheesy horror film hosts. (I really miss Bob Wilkins.)

Although I don't like the beginning credits for Masters of Horror, it's one of my favorite shows ever. My favorite episode is Deer Woman [ 2 ]. Other episodes that are also worth mentioning are Homecoming, Family and Jenifer.

One of my favorite shows is Monsters because they always have some kind of monster in every episode. One of my favorite episodes is Micro Minds [ 1, 2 ] because the giant amoeba special effects are so hilarious.

I kind of like the show, Night Visions, although I found the host of the show, Henry Rollins, really annoying. There were only 13 episodes of the show. I especially like the episode "Bokor", but that is mostly because I have a crush on actress that was in it, Samantha Mathis. [ 2, 3 ]

I have been watching episodes from both of the different revivals of Rod Serling's original series, The Twilight Zone, the 1985 version and the 2002 version. By the way, the Sci-Fi channel SyFy channel is running a marathon of the original Twilight Zone on December 31st.

Tales from the Crypt is pretty awesome. I think that the Crypt Keeper should eat a few more between meal snacks, however.

I have ben watching the awesome TV show Tales From the Darkside. My favorite episode is definitely Seasons of Belief [ 1, 2 ], which is about a monster called the Grither.

And there you have it, my favorite shows of 2010!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

The "Tax Cuts for the Rich" Snowman

Despite the inability of congress to pass the budget... they did manage to pass START and aid for 9/11 First Responders, and the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy was finally repealed...

But I'm still upset about the "Tax Cuts for the Rich" snowman.

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Yuletide greetings, everyone!

I have a special christmas recipe for you...

Handed down by the Great Lawgiver, who brought presents to all of the good apes and gave lobotomies to all of those pesky humans. Here is his divine simian recipe:

Milk Punch ala the Great Lawgiver
Fill the blender 3/4 full of ice
fill the blender 3/4 full of milk
2 capfulls of vanilla (1/2 teaspoon)
4 heaping tablespoons of sugar
Mix in 3 shots of brandy
Sprinkle Nutmeg on top of each serving.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sparky the Wonder Kitty

I would like to congratulate my good friend Dr. Derkington (AKA DerkTheJerk) on his discerning nature and impeccable good taste in cats. He has recently acquired a new cat by the name of Sparky, whose mischievous nature and affable personality makes him an immediate candidate for for the cat-e-gory of Awesome Catness of the First Order.

Sparky takes his job of housecat quite seriously, and is never one to shirk from his many feline responsibilities...

All day long Sparky works tirelessly to fulfill his many domestic duties...

Oh. look... He's sleeping!

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Vintage Drive-In Intermission Films

No time for blogging today! Germaine Gregarious and I are too busy enjoying a meal of pizza, tortelloni and risotto on the sunny shores of Venice. (Pity, but the filetti di orata al cartoccio was a bit off due to seasonal foreign intrigue.) In the meantime you can watch this swell video of vintage drive-in intermission films. (Oh, dear! That last bullet hit me right in the gondola!)

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Friday, December 10, 2010

President Obama Isn't Hitler, He's Neville Chamberlain!

OK, it's official. The president is an idiot. The Democratic Party sucks.

We must all prepare for...


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Haliburton to Bribe the Nigerian Government out of Dick Cheney's Bribery Charges


Halliburton is attempting to pay $500 million to the Nigerian government to settle bribery charges that could keep the company's former CEO Dick Cheney out of prison, that is to say that Haliburton is trying to bribe the Nigerian government out of Dick Cheney's bribery charges.

The fact that Halliburton appears to be attempting an out-of-court settlement puzzles some analysts, who note that criminal courts don’t normally allow monetary settlements, leading some to believe that "Halliburton and the other accused companies are attempting to bribe their way out of a bribery prosecution," reports.

If nothing else, this proves that Nigeria's court system has a stronger grasp of reality than it's American counterpart.


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Let Them Eat Toast!


"If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?"
Steven Wright

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